Astra Saw Blades

  Astra Series blades are designed with configurations optimized for specific applications, and......

Quite often there are cutting situations where the proper tooling is difficult to determine. There are often differing opinions or "schools of thought" that confuse the problems. At Everlast we have developed many products to solve these difficult applications and can confidently recommend them for these situations.

astra logo   Our Astra Solid Surface blades are designed only for use in the cutting of solid surface materials such as Corian, Avonite, Surell and Fountainhead. They offer an extremely smooth "glass like" finish that requires little or no sanding or polishing.


astra mitre logo    Astra Mitre saw blades are specifically for use on Double Mitre machines and because of extra stiff saw plates and special clearances in the tooth grinding they will cut perfect mitres. We guarantee that they will work to your satisfaction when used in the proper applications. Picture frame makers require a blade that will not deflect, will cut smooth without tearing or chipping and do this all at the fast speeds that most of the Double Mitre machines use - Astra Mitre blades do all of this.

We are in the process of developing additional products and will continue to update this page.